Tetris Wooden Puzzle for Kids

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The story:

Our favorite childhood classic "Tetris" is back to pick our brains, this time in physical puzzle form for kids.

Some children have difficulty socializing or building relationships with their friends at school because they don’t understand boundaries. They are unsure how close or how far to stand from them, especially in a crowd of people and often bump into others or can’t figure out how much room they need to get around them. If your child experiences these challenges, they may also accidently overstep the curb when they cross the street or be tempted to move furniture around the house as a way to follow their inner drive to explore their space.

So what can we do at home to help our kids recognize the space around them even if they don’t have learning challenges? A great start is to get them playing with toys like building blocks, Tinkertoys or geometric shapes, which are much better for development than dolls or dress-ups.

This challenging puzzle game is a great activity to help children use their senses to develop their gross and fine motor skills, as well as help them develop their spatial awareness.

Get it now at Geeksafari, and enjoy sharing the "Tetris" experience with your kids!