Body-kun & Body-chan Drawing Figures for Artists

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1) The DELUXE sets, (available in GREY/FLESH/BLACK) include:

  • 1 Body-kun Mannequin (Male or Female depending on your choice)
  • 7 types of interchangeable LEFT hands 
  • 10 types of interchangeable RIGHT hands
  • 1 gun
  • 1 Katana sword 
  • 1 mini laptop computer
  • 1 mini tablette
  • 1 pen/stylus
  • 1 mini flip phone
  • 1 mini smart phone
  • 1 platform with a directional arm for action/dynamic posing 



2) The BASIC sets (available in FLESH/BLACK) include:
  • 1 Body-kun Mannequin (Male or Female depending on your choice)
  • 4 types of interchangeable LEFT hands 
  • 4 types of interchangeable RIGHT hands
  • WARNING: The basic sets do NOT include the platform for posing



3) The 2 in 1 BUNDLES (available in GREY/FLESH/BLACK) include:
  • 1 Full DELUXE Body-kun set - MALE  (including platform and all accessories) 
  • 1 Full DELUXE Body-chan set - FEMALE (including platform and all accessories) 



Produt description:

The Body-kun drawing figure it is the ultimate tool for anyone trying to improve their drawing skills!

Regular wooden drawing mannequins can be handy when it comes to study shading, proportions, and learn foreshortening. But they can be really  challenging and annoying when it comes to posing. Wooden mannequins are very stiff, and it can be a real pain to get that special pose you're looking for. This is where the Body-kun Drawing Mannequin comes in!

The Body-kun (male) and Body-chan (female) drawing mannequins are unique, highly flexible figurines that are perfect for learning more about gestures, proportions. They will serve as perfect reference points to help you get better at drawing dynamic/action poses, and realistic human behaviours.

With over 30 articulation points, these mannequins can take any pose imaginable. The Body-kun's articulation system has been carefully designed to make sure each and every pose seems as humanly realistic and authentic as possible.

The high number of accessories that come with the DELUXE set will give you even more reference points, and help you with drawing more interesting, exciting and action packed scenes.

The included platform (only comes with the DELUXE version) makes it very easy to strike dynamic action poses, such as running poses, lunging poses, jumping poses, fighting poses etc....

The Body-kun drawing mannequin is perfect for arts students, comic or manga artists, or for anyone trying to improve their drawing skills, and trying to make their drawing seem more alive, exciting and realistic.

These highly innovative figurines will change the way you sketch!  It's time to say goodbye to those stiff and boring wooden mannequins. Upgrade now and get your Body-kun drawing figure today!


Product features:

  • Over 30 points of articulation for extra mobility and flexibility 
  • This mannequin allows much more dynamic body movement than regular stiff wooden mannequins
  • Super realistic human poses
  • Carefully designed to respect the propotions of anime characters
  • The included plateform makes it very easy and highly convenient for dynamic action posing
  • Perfect for arts school students and aspiring artists


Product specifications:

  • The female mannequin is about 13cm tall (5.11inches) 
  • The male mannequin is about 15cm tall (5.9 inches) 
  • Weighs about 210g (7.4 ounce)
  • Made of quality PVC/ABS material 


 WARNING: Choking hazard, NOT suitable for children under 3yrs old


Shipping Details:   **FREE WORLDWIDE**                      

Shipping to the US: 12-20 days      
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